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23, da Manchester 159
I miei interessi nelle altre culture

I sometimes como up with ideas and stories. To nail it CULTURE is all. Tough I study cultures from around the world, it isn't enough for me so I like to make contact with them, even if it's via web. I've met people that with their anecdotes and experiences I've manage to make some good story so What's your story?

20, da Québec City 39
Qualcosa da dire al mondo!

Hey! I'm a French Canadian obsessed with traveling and passionate with cultures and languages. I might spend a year in Sydney in 2018 so I'd be happy to exchange with people who can tell me more about Australia.

17, da Groningen 147
Qualcosa di particolare su di me

probably the fact that I never understand myself :p one moment i like to listen to classical music and the other moment you make me happy with some iron maiden or hardcore music. this is maybe an little extreme example of how I am, but you get hopefully an idee of me:)

22, da Tampere 60
Qualcosa da dire al mondo!

A friend of mine once described me as "entertainingly unusual" - I guess that's a good way to summarize me. In case you wanna know more:~✿~❀~✿~✿~❀~✿~✿~❀~✿~Hiya! | 안녕하세요! :)I'm Tuulia, from the snowy wonderland of Finland!I'm an optimist with an evil sense of humour,who's absolutely passionate aboutmusic, photography and long...

22, da Vlaardingen 147
Città e stati che ho visitato

Love austria, because of the mountains, Furthermore I visited barcelona with school, norway on a cruise and greece, yeah, just random :D

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La mia opinione sulla natura umana

Well Human nature is both bright and dark. The darkest side may be quite a curious one, but the bright side sure brings hope and makes people want to live. I'm a henchman of the dark one, but I sure enjoy the bright too ! Well no one is all dark or all white so don't pretend to be pure or totally a freak !

15, da Hyères 61
Qualcosa da dire al mondo!

Hello, my name is Marie.I'm 15 years old, I'm french and I'd like learn english and italian. I like drawing, reading, playing on videogames. I live on the south of France, and I love travelling. Don't hesitate to send me a friendly message :) Ciao, mi chiamo Marie. Ho 15 anni, sono francese e vorrei studiare inglese e italiano. Mi...

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Qualcosa da dire al mondo!

Hey, everyone! I'm a 21-years old, open-minded woman from Germany. I like to go out with my friends, laughing about different stuff, watching TV series (like GoT, Sherlock or Supernatural) or just laying in my bed listening to music or reading my most favourite books. I also write a little bit :)Would like to meet people from all over...

20, da Naranjo 49
Qualcosa da dire al mondo!

Cracks, Learners, Womanizers just kiddy guys. Be yourself, never try to prevent to be other people. Be honest with everyone, I don't like people who like to lie because this will be generating a hurt inside a person. When someone knows you as well, he or she will never their trust on you.

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Qualcosa da dire al mondo!

Hej Hej, I'm a geography student who loves watching korean dramas *-*, reading fantasy books, dancing (Tango Argentino, Standard/Latein, ballet) and ice scating. I hate all kind of spiders .The big ones and the small ones even though I know they're not gonna eat me ^^ And I'm really horrible at drawing pictures XD I absolutely adore...