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14, da Gerbstedt
Qualcosa da dire al mondo!

Ich heiße Anna, habe 2 Haustiere und wohne ich Deutschland. Wie man in meine Bildern sehen kann mag ich Fantasie Tiere und alles was mit Fantasie zutun hat. 💖 Pixel Bilder male ich in letzter Zeit auch mega gerne. My name is Anna, have 2 pets and I live in Germany.As you can see in my pictures I like fantasy animals and everything...

20, da Prague
Qualcosa da dire al mondo!

I am a French native who lived in France for eighteen years so I could help you in French with pleasure. I am also graduated of a double Master (HBO in the Netherlands and an MSc in Germany in the age of 19 ) I'm 20 now But my personality is not limited to my job or my degrees Within each of us lie the seeds of undefined...

18, da Nederland
Un piccolo trucco o consiglio

challange yourself! someone else gave me the idea so no credits to me but the idea was making a journal with poems, short stories and other things. my idea was making a jorunal with people from all around the world (you guys) and then put everything together because everyone has a talent examles how you can join us: - make a...

19, da Milan
Qualcosa da dire al mondo!

Hi there! I am Luca from Italy! I am here because i would like to meet people from all the world and know more about other cultures! I am currently studying at the University of Milan German and English languages and litteratures! I am really interested in every culture so don't be shy to contact me! I really love France, Belgium...

18, da Antwerp
Libri/autori/film preferiti

I was a Game Of Thrones fan untill the last season :( . I am not much of a binge watcher so have seen it twice now and I am reading the books at the moment. I also like harry potter, Gravity Falls, avatar the last airbender, star wars, stranger things, a series of unfortionet events, the end of the F*cking world, ...

21, da Milan
Qualcosa da dire al mondo!

Hello everyone, it's Mattia from Milan, Northern Italy. Well, I joined this website to get to know new people and improve my language skills! Don't hesitate to text me anytime!

37, da Vienna
Qualcosa da dire al mondo!

Sometimes I feel like an anachronism... I like writing letters and postcards, reading books, going for a nice walk, talking for hours, watching the stars, sitting at a bonfire... Not many people in my surroundings like that... I love music, it's essential for me... I couldn't survive a day without... Cooking, baking and...

15, da Gerbstedt
Qualcosa da dire al mondo!

My name is Marie and I am 15 years old. Live with my family in Gerbstedt that lies in Germany. I also have a cat and a dog.

19, da Hanover
Sono entusiasta di...

I am interested in probably everything you can think of, it's a blessing and curse at the same time. I love music, astro physics, food, literature, theatre, American football, arts, gaming, languages and of course: travel.

35, da Oude-Tonge
Qualcosa da dire al mondo!

I like to learn new people, diffirent cultures and like to travel. Like to have a penpal to write with like the old way... with pen and paper :) But a chat/text also ^^ Don't be hesitate and text me :)

20, da Freiberg
Città e stati che ho visitato

Throughout my life i've visited Sweden, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Malta, France, Turkey and Germany of course, because I live there. :D I love Germany, Croatia and Italy most.

19, da Cinisello Balsamo
Qualcosa da dire al mondo!

Hi! My name is Federica, I'm 19 and I live near Milan. I'd really like to talk to someone, to make friendship and, maybe, to improve my english. In my free time, I like reading, listening to music, dancing, going out (if the weather is good ahah), playing The Sims on the computer... I can also say I laugh a lot, but obviously I'm...