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  • Qualcosa da dire al mondo!

    Hey, my name is Julia. Someone calls me Julliette or July. I'm 16 y.o and I live in a small but cute town called Tallinn. I am interested in dancing, that's why I've gone to a Ballet school for 9 years. I sometimes play the guitar. I love learning languages. Now I am learning German and Dutch. I speak Estonian, Russian and English fluently. I love travelling and meeting new people. I also have another social networks, so you can ask about it.

    You can also find me in Instagram: @julia_tln

  • Vivere all'estero per un anno

    I can't pick the only one country. I would like to visit as many countries as possible. I like getting acquainted with other nationalities and their customs. I also like learning foreign languages

  • Città e stati che ho visitato

    I love traveling. I don't travel a lot, but I would like to. I have visited such countries like Russia, France, Monaco, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland. I want to visit Germany and Netherlands. I would love to visit Italy and Spain

  • Sono un esperto di...

    I am good at mathematics and physics. I also can platy the guitar. I am dancer and also interested in photography.

  • Libri/autori/film preferiti

    I can't say that I have favourite book or film, because it always depends on book or film that I'm interested in.

  • Adoro parlare di...

    I love talking about travelling. I would like to talk about musi, theatre and art. Actually, I can talk about everything.)

  • Rendere il mondo un posto migliore

    I think that everyone should be Interested in our world. All the people should think about ecology and other problems that we face with

  • I risultati di cui vado più fiero

    -Being the best of my classmates in Estonian exam
    -I won the first place in the competition about mythology of ancient Greece and Rome

  • È meglio adesso

    I think that today it is much easier to find friends around the world. Thanks to social media and Internet people can find any information they want.

  • Era meglio prima

    I agree that today people don't communicate a lot in real life. We have lost that value, but 10-20 years ago a lot of children talked to each other on the street, not by Internet

  • Un piccolo trucco o consiglio

    Don't be afraid of trying new things and meeting new people.)
    I believe that you can do anything you want, just believe yourself and follow your heart. <3

  • Ciò che mi preoccupa...

    Hm... What if all the people couldn't dance?

    OK, OK... Just making some kind of joke. I really care about:
    -Climate change
    -Oppotunities for youth in Estonia
    -Quality of education