• Città e stati che ho visitato

    I'm still travelling around the wolrd, always trying to discover new cultures and to meet new people, cause I strongly belive that this is the best way to make our beautiful world a better place where to live. I left a piece of my heart in Canada, but I'm also in love with all the places where i spent time.

  • I risultati di cui vado più fiero

    I built my own company more or less 20 years ago and it's still going well.

  • Adoro parlare di...

    I like to exchange opinions about lot's of things, cause it's a great help for our personal growth.

  • Sono un esperto di...

    I'm not an expert, but I like hiking, playing tennis and writing. I'm a bookeater

  • Una sfida personale

    Get up every time life was taking me down,wiping me from the dust and taking all the time much care of myself

  • Piaceri dell'infanzia

    Talking to my mom, that was always pushing me to find my way, to travel the world and to have always my mind as open as possible. She was a teacher and she taught me the real meaning of respect, loyalty, gratitude and to be always ready to help who is in needed of something.

  • Libri/autori/film preferiti

    I love Arto Paasillina, Vasquez Montalban, Stefano Benni, but my favourite books are The Three Musketeers and Don Quijote de la Mancha
    Anyway if you want to make me happy gift to me a book!!!
    Dance with wolves
    Dead Poets Society
    Intuochables That is a french movie really amazing
    I don't have a favourite actror, while my favourite director is Guy Ritchie

  • Vivere all'estero per un anno

    Did already.
    I was in Canada for more than a year, and is still something that I miss a lot, even if are 30 years that I'm back

  • Recentemente ho imparato...

    That you can be blessed by the friendship of someone that you don't know, that lives abroad and that is able, with little deep words, every time to turn your day into a special day.

  • A 10 anni da adesso

    Me, the ocean, in Prince Edward Island, talking to the people, writing the story of my life and having the best crabs sandwich that I've ever had. I'm working really hard for this, and it's not a joke

  • Sono entusiasta di...

    To be part of this wonderful circus called life

  • Vorrei che le persone sapessero di più riguardo...

    I would really like that people from developed countries, would understand how lucky we're and that we need to help the other nations, to develope to reach the goal of a decent life for all their citizens.

  • Rimpianti

    To have experienced the loss of a beloved person when I was too young to understand that sometimes our dreams will not become true

  • Da bambino, sognavo...


  • Una carriera senza ostacoli

    To play football, with a different pair of knees, lol

  • Io ed i miei genitori

    My way of thinking is the consequence of their taughts, plus my personal experiences. And I will always be grateful to them

  • I miei interessi nelle altre culture

    Everything from other cultures is appealing me

  • Abilità personali

    Answer to all these questions

  • Rendere il mondo un posto migliore

    Being just less selfish. Thinking that who is different from us, is not an enemy to fight, but a friend to welcome. Make more love and less war!

  • Qualcosa di particolare su di me

    I very often sing under the shower, probably that's the main reason why I live alone!

  • Era meglio prima

    chivalry to women was a value

  • È meglio adesso

    internet give to all of us the opportunity to make this world big as ping pong ball, so we've the chance to be in touch with people all around the globe, we can read the news from all over, we can understand what is going on on every part of the planet, but we've to be able to use this, to make this world a perfect place where to live

  • Il mio pensiero sul futuro

    The hope of a better future for everyone never dies, so let's roll up our sleeves and do something to be part of this big change

  • La mia opinione sulla natura umana

    i belive that human nature is good, are our desires, not necessities, that turn this nature into bad. We live in a society where are the desires the ones that we want to fullfill not understanding that as soon as we did, there will be another one showing up and make us sad, because we can not fullfill. Instead if we are able to fullfill our necessities we can feel happy and more relaxed, ergo better person

  • Ciò che mi preoccupa...

    The growing of racism, intollerance, and all this movment that would like to restore dictatorship all over the world

  • Un piccolo trucco o consiglio

    Smile, smile, smile and always take your suitcase and your passport ready