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  • Qualcosa da dire al mondo!

    Hello, my name is Malvin. I'm a 18 years old student from Germany. I really love sports, I go mountainbiking, I play hockey and badminton and I make gymnastics.
    I'd also like writing texts and reading books, if I have a lot of time and calm.

    I want to meet new friends from all over the world. Which traditions, values and particularities they have? I am really interested to get anwers on this questions, to expand my own horizon, to improve my English but also just to make new friends.

    Next summer I'll finish school and want to make a work & travel year in Canada.
    However, feel free to write to me, I would be very happy ;)

    Best regards from Bremen,


  • Città e stati che ho visitato

    So far I've only been around in Europe: Straßbourg (FR), Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Latvia (Riga), Canary Islands and Slowakia. Ok I think it's not that less, but I want get out of Europe to see completly different places and get to know the people there.

  • Vivere all'estero per un anno

    If I could live in foreign countries, I would propably choose a place in Canada or in the USA because it's so far away from Germany. And I think the people there have a different mentality than they have here in Germany or in parts of Europe.

  • I miei interessi nelle altre culture

    I'd like to learn lots about different cultures! Their lifestyles, their oppionions to important topics, their environment and so on.

  • Libri/autori/film preferiti

    I love the books of John Steinbeck, for example: The Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden. King Rat from James Clavell, Papillion, Moby Dick and so on.

    I really love good action films like James Bond, The hunger games, Transformers, Star Wars, Baby Driver etc. I'd also like war movies and cool comedies like "Fack ju göhte".